Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Nemesis

I have to go to the dentist today, voluntary decision as I have not been in two years...yikes!!

Although I am glad for what dentist's do, I am also wary of the ensuing "plan" that seems to require your wiping out of your retirement account in order to achieve.

Oh, did I mention that I am the biggest gagger in the whole wide world?
And that basically I hate them anyway, because one once told me to stop crying after he had inflicted torture on my poor tooth.

I'm doing some meditation (whatever that is - I'm not very good at it) in the hopes that I can lower my blood pressure before the event and thinking that I should just be grateful for the ability to go at all and the fact that I regularly (well, for me) floss my teeth.  That will be good enough to get me through...  Don't you think?

And then I'm probably going out for dessert and coffee afterwards and a chapter of my favorite book to wipe the whole experience out of my brain.  OK, I admit I am going into that meditation with a loaded gun...cross your fingers. Yikes!!

Oh yes, after all of that I am coming home to watch Netflix....gawd, I love Netfilx! The incredible things I have watched lately - so much fun!  Fodder for another blog post.

(aren't I sounding kind of normal)


  1. Best of luck with the dentist. Sounds like you have this under control. I share your dislike of that experience. I always try to dissociate from the situation via deep relaxation, pretending like I am not really there. Half listening to the dentist and dental assistant talk nonsense usually sends me to another dimension fairly quick. Keep reminding yourself that this, too, shall pass and you'll be eating dessert and drinking coffee before you know it. The dentists I have seen so far in the Orlando area are all fairly shallow and only interested in whitening people's teeth to give them a better smile. As if. And no, you do not sound normal. You are WAY better than that.

  2. I had a traumatic experience with the dentist at age 8. You have my complete sympathy. I'll be thinkinkingbof of you a lot and wishing the dessert part comes quickly!! Good luck, Liv!

  3. I hate the dentist, too, and I go every four months! Your plan sounds like a good one, and I will send good vibes your way. And I look forward to a Netflix blog post. I'm currently watching the first season of True Detective.

  4. E,
    Holy cow! No cavities, no pain, no trauma. He even said that after 2 years of not seeing a dentist I really didn't hardly need a cleaning....But...that is because I bought one of those tools that the hygienist use's and I do it myself. I know, scary! But you can do it yourself.

    And - omg - I just watched a Javier Bardem movie that blew me away!!! It's called BIUTIFUL and it the most amazing performance I have seen anyone give in ... I don't know, maybe ever. I'll do a post on Netflix, but try to catch that one if you can. Maybe you've already seen it, you are such a Javier fan. I'm going to go look up True Dectective, thanks for that.

  5. Joanne,
    Yes, around 8 years old seems to be the same for a lot of us in our age bracket. So sorry that you had a bad experience. Hope that's changed a bit for you over the years.
    Yes, coffee and dessert were great. Like a lollipop after the dentist visit !

    You sound like you've got a good before dentist routine too. This was a very posh sort of office so I was very nervous, but this kind dentist had a bit yellow teeth and I thought that was so great. I picked him because he had done a lot of humanitarian work giving free dental service to children in Vietnam and Thailand. A good sign!
    I always thought normal was the goal - one I've never been able to achieve - I won't try so hard now. Thanks x

  6. I had an anxiety attack on my third numbing shot just a few months ago and I am so mad, because I hadn't had dentist anxiety and now thanks to that, I will. ARGHHHHH.

    And yes you sound normal because you are :) Netflix is the best. Have you watched Grace & Frankie? You will LOVE.

  7. SJ,
    Oh, that's too bad. But the next one might be ok...take a happy pill before you go :)
    It turned out to be fine. No cavities, gums great..all good. Well, except that my front tooth is loosing calcium because I have osteoperosis so it might break off someday, haha - but something to worry about another day.

    Yes, I did watch Frankie and Grace. It was fun!!
    And you are so sweet to say I am normal,I trust your observation skills x.