Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jung Woo Sung

I wrote a post the other day and then deleted it a couple of hours later.  It was a short rant of bitches.  Not that bitchy, in fact I thought some of them were a bit funny.
I get totally hung up sometimes (and sometimes not!) about people thinking that I'm not chirpy or don't say enough affirmations, or such.  Hence the "they might not like me, so I'd better be nicer the next time".

I may re-post it...

But this is a real bitch........!!!!!

Last night I left the little heater on under the table where my computer is.  I was watching, shall I say...a wee bit naughty vid's (!) and got sidetracked when I finally could pull myself away and do the right and sensible thing, as in go to bed.  I'm so ashamed...ha,ha ha ha ha.  This morning  I got up and wandered here to see if any of you had anything interesting to say, when - quelle horreur - I find that my cat, who shall remain nameless to protect her identity, slept on the warm  keyboard all night, obviously a smart decision - it was warm!

It was immediately revealed that she had half installed Windows 10 ....Nooooooooo!
I like the familiar, especially when it comes to the technological aspects of my life.  I have just spent the last hour trying to uninstall it, which, believe me, Windows does not want you to do!
I have 7 and my computer guy says it is the best and will be supported for eons and that 10 is a pain in the butt.  I believe him, he is a computer god!

 Obviously I have succeeded, otherwise I would not be here, but it was a tense hour.  I'm not sure what the lesson is here?  No more wee bit naughty vid's or a sticky note on the computer to turn it off !
Oh, so sorry, I meant to put a picture of my cat here......

PS:  I've tried to set up the print on here to be a bit larger so that both of us can read it better and for some reason, it seems the thing starts out small and then gets big - not - my fault.  You see, I tried to adjust technology and it didn't work.



  1. It makes me smile that you're watching naughty videos.

  2. It makes me smile that it makes you smile..we are all oh-so-human.

  3. PS: Tonight I am watching a video of a man making bespoke shoes. It is fascinating!!

  4. Hahahaha! Super fun post. I think your cat might be a harbinger of change.

  5. a wee bit naughty you say? hmmmm. glad you got your operating system back the way you like it. I put off upgrading to the new Apple OS because I had read too many negative things about it but eventually I did. it always takes a while to get used to new things.

  6. That's an understatement :)
    I don't think we should be driving cars, I think we should go back to horses or maybe just plain walking...ha

  7. Collette,
    I'm glad that gave you a giggle!
    She may be dragging me into this fast paced world with her little paws.

  8. so fyi, it wasn't your cat that was installing the new OS. it happened automatically. a lot of people woke up to fine their computers had installed the new OS. didn't know if you had seen that or not.

  9. Ellen,
    No, I didn't know that. I was able to uninstall and I have no idea how I did that?

    My cat, bless her heart has, in the past, been able to open a drawer and crawl in to sleep, pull her food bag off of a shelf about 3' high and eat through the plastic, metal like bag and every day sits on the railing of the 3 level deck about 20' up and scares the crap out of me, the railing is only about 4" wide...so that's why I suspected that she did that :)