Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Don't do that today

Don't hold your breath today. Breathe calm and purposeful. SEE her graciously accept this high honor as she takes the helm and guides us through the next four years.

                                             Don't hold your breath, breathe for her, our Hero.


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    1. Me too. I'm just trying to SEE it happen. I do believe in that thing of visualizing. Breathe :))))

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, dearest. I'm thinking that I'm holding you and I have a big box of kleenex. Every thing will be alright, every thing will be alright.xo

  3. avoiding the whole thing. I'd rather just wake up tomorrow and find out.

  4. Glad it is pretty much over and done. I'm am please how this world has changed and that any grandchildren that I am lucky enough to have will not deal with a society that, in my life time, a woman could not:

    get a credit card
    legally use birth control in all states
    keep a job when pregnant
    address sexual harassment
    refuse your husband sex
    serve on a jury in some states
    unmarried cohabitation
    or even run the Boston Marathon