Saturday, August 27, 2016

The fair, the fair, the fair!!!

This is for Rebecca Darling, and all you other sweeties who love the fair!!

I took Rebecca's advice and hauled myself down to the Oregon State Fair at just the right time and just the right day. The first day! I got in for $1.00 because I am old and then I got another ticket for $1.50 if I want to come back. How nice can you be, yea Fair.

I ate, deep fried vegie's...interesting.  Garlic Fry's, haven't had fries for a long time, yum and a big ole' soft serve chocolate cone.  And I still absolutely stunk of garlic the whole time! I could have eaten the bbq chicken, but they would only sell it by the half and it was $ chicken.
                                         You know, click to enlarge...

Here is what I saw in no particular order, I'll try to keep it short, but hell, it's the Fair!!!  I saved the best for first....
I want you to sit down and hold on to something, Rebecca....because her name was BECKY!
NO SHIT! I think that spot was because she was so excited she peed.
This girl was so sweet I wanted to take her home. And her black horse was soft as down and shiny as...I don't know, what's the shiniest thing? That's what she was.  And HUGE!
Proud prize winner, couldn't stop smiling !! Isn't he gorgeous ?!
I fell in love!! I think he liked me too.
 The was Martha and we talked for about 20 minutes, she's an official so she is the only one who can touch the jams and jellies and she snapped at one woman to "put it down, they only let me touch the jars", but in a sort of very nice snappy way.
 Blueberry, I think (blackberry?) prize winner.
Chocolate cherry cheesecake, no samples, damn!!
 The veggie judge, he took his job very seriously.
 Tatting, I could see my Grandma standing there....
 You couldn't taste or smell anything, it didn't use to be like that..sad. When I was a kid you could get your nose right down there and suck up the scent.
 No business, I think they were embarrassed.  Or maybe they just felt sad for all us because they were going to miss us in Heaven.
 First prize winners!!
 A wealth of pies, oh my lord!
Raspberry whipped cream something o'ruther ?  I yeah, it was cheese cake too.

But this was the "Best in Fair" winner cake.

I like the lady's food display the best (except for the horse's). And they said that they are considering dropping it next year...curse's upon them.

(I might have used the commas in all the wrong places..who gives a fuck?)

Because it was the first day it wasn't crowded at all, I was there from 3pm to 8pm, I was worn out but oh so happy.  When I left, there were hoards of people coming in and I finally figured out it was for a Foreigner concert.  I just can't handle crowds but I heard a lot circusie music all day anyway and that was good.

And of course, I went to see my therapist first and cried and screamed it all out so I was perfectly serene the whole day :))) Oh yeah, I gave her a printout of my last post, she felt sorry for me and almost cried so I felt completely happy and cleansed, she knows who I really am.... she already knows I have the hardest life on earth, so it was just a brag.

Thank you for the suggestion, Baby. It was grand!!!