Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dang Blogrolls

I'm having some trouble with my blog.  The list that shows on my "blog manage" page has 24 blogs that I follow and love.  The list on my blog page in the blog roll that goes down the left side only shows 16 of those.

The blogs that don't show up are:

# 1 Summer's End
# 2 Interim Arrangements
# 3 Luncindaville
# 4 My Lily Pad
# 5 Salt On My Tongue
# 6 Stuff From Ellen's Head
# 7 The Accidental Thanatologist
# 8 The Dishwashers Tears

These are all blogs that I love and they show up on my "feed" whenever they post. Otherwise I would not know they posted and therefore could not comment and I am able to successfully do that, and do. All 24 are listed as "following publicly".
Even when I copy one and then erase it and put it in again and hit "public" still won't show up on my blog page.
Does anyone know how I can get them to show up on my blog?
I have been trying for 3 days, every single thing that I can think off.  I even deleted some of them off the manage page and posted them again to see if that would work....nothing.  Its driving me crazy !!!!

I don't want anyone's feelings to be hurt, but I am at my wits end.