Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Monday morning Netflix movie review on Tuesday

I'm usually a very prompt person.  But yesterday got away from me.  Tuesday is a good day too.

Because of my current situation - too much to explain and you don't want to hear it anyway - I have been watching an inordinate bit of Netflix.  So I thought I would share some of the movies that I have especially enjoyed.  I'll warn you straight off that I am much more fond of foreign films than I am of American made.  There's nothing wrong with American films, well, yes there is, and of course some of them are quite good...some. I find that, for me, foreign films give a more authentic depiction of emotion and the lose of identifying a person with the role - as in Meryl Streep - whom I always see no matter what her role. (and yes, the fact is not lost on me that I don't know these actors like I "know" American actors, but I don't care)  Foreign films also don't have the pressure to provide a "happy ending" as American films do and I think that sometimes life doesn't have a happy ending and it's ok to show that.  I will try to fit some comedies in too, as I do like a good laugh but some of you know me so you know what to expect...  And I know I talk too much, but they won't all be this verbose, I just needed to set the ground work.

 I'm not going to have a set number that I review or even a set day on which I will review, I'm not good at being tied down, as you already see that I've missed my proposed date, and of course you know that these reviews are only my opinion, for whatever that's worth and I'll try to keep them as short as I can so that I don't give away the whole plot.  Which I would love to do because I like to talk.

I'm also not guaranteeing that all of these that I have watched are still available.  Netflix movies can suddenly disappear because they don't own many of them. So when a lease expires, the film is gone.  However, there is always the option of seeing them on DVD.  So if you see a title that seems interesting to you - watch it ! - because it may be gone tomorrow.  This is probably already information you know, but I like to talk....so here we go.


My first very most favorite film that I have watched was BIUTIFUL (!!!)
I'll warn you right now that it may not be there anymore...rent it if it's not!
This movie stars Javier Bardem and is, in my opinion, the most exquisite performance he
has ever given. Just a shifting of his eyes says what it would take 5 minutes of dialogue for any other actor to convey. It's a hard movie to watch because of it's painful subject matter, but well worth it.
In other words...you will cry.


These are 3 films by the same actress -  Emmanulle Devos.  This French actress is brilliant.  She plays funny, sexy, poignant with a unique ability to really make you think/feel that you feel what she is feeling.  She really pulls you in with her quirky, Emmanulle-ness.  I can't get enough of her!

# 1 - - VIOLETTE
This movie is about Violette Leduc.  Violette was the protege of Simone de Beauvoir.  It gives a glimpse into the lives of both women, each who had tremendous talent, Beauvoir with all the support of fame and privilege and Violette, an outsider unsure of her skill and without any awareness of her considerable talent. Leduc was unknown to me before this so it was especially interesting for me to be introduced to a new author.

A French couple exploring the viability of their marriage and issues of trust.  Funny and sweet.

# 3 -- JUST A SIGH
A chance encounter between a man and a woman in Paris and the exploration of attraction and love. Devos uses facial expressions to convey plot almost to the level of Bardem...the master!  She is at her quirky best here.

My final review, this week, is for you, E.  You have maybe seen this but if not it is something I know you will enjoy!



Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche in a poetic dance between the beauty of the written word and the magic of art.  Very well done.  Two very awake minds sparing is my idea of fun!  I was so drowning in the truths revealed in this movie, that my feet were frozen the whole time and I didn't even think to move to warm them.  That's how good it is.  I'm going to watch it again right away!

My next review - whenever it shows up - will be about some Oscar worthy performances by children.  Only they are children, in foreign films, hence they could never be up for such awards because they are children, foreign children in foreign films, giving the kind of performances that even Oscar winners cannot give.  For me, a captivating performance by a child who cannot be seen to be acting -  is the essence of acting.  Pure and magical.
(Sorry for my over use of the word foreign)

So, thank you for letting me indulgeNow go watch a movie !


  1. I did see this, Liv, and really liked it, too. I'm a sicker for both Juliette Binoche and Clive Owen!

  2. I thought you probably had. I imagine if there is anything out there with the subject of writing, you would have found it.

    I'm a sicker for Clive and Juliette too.

  3. I wish I liked movies more. Or had the tolerance to sit and watch them. I just don't. What's wrong with me?

  4. There is nothing wrong with you my dear.
    You just have a life that is far more interesting and far more filled with magic than any movie could provide. So don't worry about watching movies...I will do it for you.

  5. DEar friend Liv, I am sending you belated birthday wishes.. it was good to read that you had a lovely time and gave yourself a gift too.... 4 days before you, I celebrated my 70th!!! I simply cannot believe I am now this age*** I had a lovely day, much spoiled and now have a garden swing in the garden.. a swing I have wanted since I was 8! My blog is not operating through some glitch, so have started another -at - mother five@blogspot.Tales from janzi's world... so far no one called on me yet.. maybe you might be the first? hugs from across the pond. j

  6. Janzi,
    Thank you for the wishes, belated or not it is great to be thought of!
    I was wondering where you went. I will check out "motherfive@blogspot" for sure.
    And a garden swing, that sounds absolutely wonderful!! I hope you spend a lot of time swinging your cares away.xx

  7. Thank you for the very interesting book suggestions. You were wrong though, thinking we don't want to hear of your current situation. Hope all is well. My sister is watching a good bit of Netflix right now because she broke her toe! I'm slowly catching up with all my favorite blogs, it's so nice to be back for a visit :)

  8. It is sooo nice to have a visit from you, Mel. I'm going to do another review,the children one,very soon. So stay tuned.

    About my situ..well, I get shy sometimes because I feel like my stuff is always a whaa too :) but I love to hear yours - and I don't think of it that way when you tell it. I just think, "how lovely to hear what Mel has been up to, really up to. So I should think that about myself too shouldn't I? I'll work on it :)