Tuesday, October 27, 2015


What would I do without my books?  I'm not quite sure I would know who I am.  If I had to move to another country and the cost of moving books was prohibitive, I'm not quite sure I would move.  If my books where accidentally burned in a fire - god FORBID! - I would mourn them the rest of my life.  If you came to my house I would give you the one you wanted.

                                            My books at the old house


                                                          Books in transition

                                                         Books at the new house

  Most of the books that I collect are vintage art and travel.  I don't usually collect novels, fiction, biography etc. etc.  I get them at the library - because they are free, a very good word for me.  And I like reading a book that someone else has held and had feelings for - I suppose that is a sentimental thing.  But it makes me feel somehow connected.  If the book especially moves me then I want to keep it forever and will go splurge and purchase it.  Authors are not going to get rich off of me, sadly, but jolly good for those who can purchase all that they want.  Maybe I'll visit them and borrow as most people who love books are glad to loan.

                                          The ultimate library, a girl can dream....sigh.


I'm reading:  The particular sadness of lemon cake
                      The paying guests
                       and The mountain shadow - sequel to Shantaram

I went to see Paula Hawkins at a Powell's bookstore near me (near ME, so exciting!) last night.  Powell's is famous in Portland for being the "world's largest book store"...supposedly.  Anyway, she is the NY Times best selling fiction writer for 2015  for her book -  The girl on a train -.  Her writing is reminiscent of Kate Atkinson, one of my favorite fiction writer's.

I'll bet you love books just as much as I love mine.


  1. I have a lot of reference books from back before one could rely on the Internet to get information quickly. I still prefer referring to those, it is fun to pick them up and it always becomes a completely pleasurable experience.

  2. I do :)

    I had to put down Atkinson's Life After Life. Too intense for me - I think I need something lighter right now. I'm reading Silver Star by Jeannette Walls. Have you read her? Glass Castle is probably my favorite book.

  3. Colette,
    Something about actually holding the book, isn't it? Are we a dying breed? I hope not.

    Atkinson can be a bit intense. We've had the Jackson Brody books of her's done in film on PBS. You might have seen them too. I like the filmed versions, done well I thought. I keep coming across Jeannette Walls' books, but I haven't read on yet. I'll have to grab that one!

  4. It took me awhile…. but so happy to find you here~

  5. Jody,

    Thank you so much for "finding" me, in more ways than one.

  6. John,
    Well, cozy, a bit cluttered and definitely dog friendly!

  7. Liv, how did I miss a post about books? I could have written your first sentence. I love your photos of bookshelves, and since you've seen my flickr photos, you know why.

    Reading has defined my life and saved it over and over and my compulsion for books knows no end. In my son's elementary school days, there was a book sale fundraiser aimed to get new books in kid's hands, and I took it over in it's third year and ran it for years. We would collect 10-15 thousand books, sell all we could and donate the rest to needy schools, preschools, youth detention centers and Goodwill. I added hundreds of books to my collection and will likely never live long enough to read them all. I was especially enamored with the very old books, the older and mustier the better, and I can't explain why. History, maybe?

    I love reference books too, and because I volunteered as an Art mom, I began to collect books on art and have two bookshelves full. I can get rid of none of them. None.

    When I think of moving and downsizing, my first thought is what about my books? I've tried to purge the collection a little, with minimal success.

    In one of my proudest moments as a mother, my son told me recently that he wants my books. All of them. He said my collection was amazing. Be still my heart. That kid is dyslexic and reading is slow and painful for him but still he wants my insane collection!

    If you have hours to waste, find my librarything widget in my blog sidebar and peruse my library:) Forgive me my current obsession with Post-Apocalyptic and Zombie lit though, I can't explain it. My family M.O. is to find a genre, topic, author or shelf in the library and read them all. Rinse and repeat. It's the best kind of crazy I can think of.

    Happy reading :)

  8. Mel!

    I love your comment! especially the part about your son wanting your books - how wonderful!

    I had to let go of soooo many books in the move. Couldn't afford storage and didn't have enough room for them all. I still lament the loss every day. However I gave them all to the library's used book store (from which I had acquired many) and was glad they would help the library fund at least.

    I loved what you said about collecting old books with their musty smell....I'm crazy - sometimes I will buy a book that I don't even care to read, or know that I never will, just for the incredible musty smell!! haha Takes one to know one :)

    Most of those books that you were looking at in the post photos are vintage art and travel books, reference, history and some vintage novels. I love the "Modern Library" books, you know - the vintage 4x5 hardcovers in gray and green - mostly of the classics. ---- I could go on and on! But I am so glad you wrote and so happy to know that someone else is as crazy enthusiastic about books as I am!