Friday, May 13, 2016

Checking in - the bitchy and the very good

'ello out there! I thought I'd better check in so that people don't think I've died or forgotten that I'm here. If, in fact, anyone knows I'm here in the first place.  I needed to start out with a whine, forgive me.

First, I bleached my hair, ugghhh.  I've done it before and it's always turned out pretty darn good (let me say also, that I have cut my hair myself for probably 40 years !).  I've had two professional cuts in that time but they were so disappointing that I decided, gawd I can do better than that! Plus, it's free to cut your own hair. I always color it myself too because that is relatively free as well. That's also worked out pretty well...but not this time. My hair is essentially all grey.  It's not a pretty grey, it's a no body, looks like I'm depressed or about to die grey. And it is stick straight - I hate you with your curls/body. - I've bleached it before to a soft platinum - brown is just trying to fool too much - but I left it on for far too long.  I now look like the abominable snow man, only I also have a slightly pukey, fakie yellow to it.  Help me Jesus!  Yes, I am vain. I also wear lipstick, which I am going to do a post about someday.  I love lipstick.

Anyway, I am stuck in the house until it grows out enough that I don't look like a walking mistake when I go out.  I so envy women who just have that "natural" look.  I am Danish, predominantly, so I virtually disappear when without any makeup.  I get those "are you alright? you look so tired, are you not getting enough sleep? you look depressed/angry, has something happened?" shit.  I don't know, maybe being vain about those things in not really vanity, it's self preservation. I also have the most goddammedest pale skin (again, Danish) and I can't sit in the sun...age spot's as big as pennies have begun to pop out and, once again, I am vain. Personally, I think everyone is, but it's not PC to admit it.

Second, my money is disappearing like water.  There have been some unexpected expenses around here that couldn't have been ignored so that whole "I've gotta move - find someplace of my own" thing is back haunting me.  Arghh! This fucking dilemma is such a pain in the ass, not to mention virtual real nightmare.  But the good news is that at least it's not keeping me up all night with uncontrollable stress and anxiety.  I just refuse to look at my bank account and that seems to do the trick.

Third, my daughter (bless her heart)  just cut down a huge Holly tree that was in our path of vision so that we couldn't see the creek and she seems to think it is no big deal - the landlord won't even notice...??!! That one will probably cost us in more ways than one. But I do not want to start WWIII so I am just keeping my mouth shut. This is my new philosophy in growing up and becoming an adult. I'm also trying to use that in other area's of my life, so it looks like crazyness may have a silver lining. I think that was only 1/2 of a bitch.

Right now I can not think of anything more to bitch about so I think I am doing really, really well. However, I'm sure I will come up with some more soon, so I'll keep you posted on that.

The good things (yes, there is more than one) are, first, I am still continuing to work! That is exciting and very new for me. I am loving it and my brain is just flooded with thoughts of more projects that I want to tackle.  I've found a few places on the web that I can source supplies at reasonably low prices and that fills a real gap in my plans.

Second, I have hooked up with a new blog friend, Terri, at  and am getting a lot of good feed back about my work and connecting with someone who shares my interest in hunting and gathering "junk/treasures", one of my favorite activities.  It's putting fun in my life, which has been missing for I-can't-tell-you how long.

Third, I've gotten some good help from a Craigslist person too in figuring out Etsy. It's still a bit of a mystery for me, but if I can do it then it could be a good source of income for me...and duh!-I need that!!

And fourth, most of the yammering in my head about my fucked up family and my disappointing friend (s) has quieted and has given me a break too from sleepless nights.

Look! I had one more good than bad.  Life just may be getting better. 
Hope yours is ever so, too.

Love, Liv