Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pierce the hole and let a little light in

I watched this most wonderful video on You tube last night.  I love You Tube, I've been learning all sorts of cool ways for making things better in your life, like putting plastic wrap over the ends of bananas because it keeps in the air and they last a much longer time and it's true, it really does keep them fresh for about four days longer than normal!

Anyway, it was a short video about a young Chinese girl who had become blind because of a stupid mistake in medication by a stupid doctor. She became very depressed, withdrawn and isolated herself because things like that have a pronounced degree of shame and fear attached to them in her country.  She had one friend who was also blind but this friend had a sister who knew a young man just about this young girls age who was deaf and mute. At first they didn't want to meet because they thought there would be no way for them to communicate, but they got together anyway and were doing sort of OK even though they really couldn't quite understand each other.  Then someone they knew, (I don't remember who - doesn't matter) told them about a company called "Care Line". What they do is hook up people with these sorts of impairments by giving the sighted, but deaf and mute person a phone that can send a  text message to the blind person that will be received with voice.  The blind person can then send a voice message to the deaf and mute person that will be received as text.   How cool is that?!

And then....they fell in Love.

The companies motto is "Communication  pierces a hole in the darkness and lets a little light in."
How very true.