Saturday, January 20, 2018

So much to say...

I've been wanting to write one of those posts like I used to write. The ones where I ramble on about something that I know absolutely nothing about. But I can't choose.

1.  Leggings                                                            
2.  Oprah                                                                   
3.  Roommates                                                         .
4.  Women
5. Solitude                                                            
6.  Friendship                                                          
7.  Men in leggings                                                      
     (I can probably combine that with #1)
8.  God, I'm not smart enough for this one.
9.  Politics, ditto                                    
10.  Mystical experiences while under the radiation machine
11.  Where to begin life - and where to end it.
12.  Body shaming and Melania/Donald Trump
13. #Me too, sex, prostitution, provocativeness (and anything else you're not supposed to talk about because you're getting off track) - probably would have to be divided into 2 post's and would more than likely get me into trouble.
14. Volleyball uniforms for women and men --- oh yes, gymnastics too. (probably fit with #1)
 15. Modesty what the heck is that for?  (probably goes with #1, #7, #12, #13?, #14).
16.  People who are smarter than me and why I love them.
17. Korea/China and my obsession with them.
18. My day, hour by hour......god no.
Writing about any one of these could probably wind up embarrassing the heck out of me. But on the other hand, I kind of really like being "wrong".  There is always so much opportunity for expanding your perceptions and growing in awareness, knowledge and humility.  Ohhh, that's a good one, humility. Consider that to be #19.

Which one?  Got any to add?
I am ready to rumble ramble.