Monday, July 25, 2016

The wind is blowing the birds around and I broke my toe..toes

I forgot my camera.
I'm at the beach
I broke two toes in the first 45 minutes
They don't have real clams
It took me an hour to get the laptop to do what I wanted it to
The weather is perfect, patches of sunshine followed by patches of relieving overcastedness
The ocean is loud and smells sweet and clean and clean
I got my pants wet walking in the cold biting fierce surf and watched the bravest dog in the whole wide world fight through the waves for his most beloved friend
a yellow tennis ball
I have the biggest umbrella in the whole wide world and it took good care of me
when the wind blew me down, the glorious wind clean clean with it's sweet smell
I want to lay on the sand and watch the stars and fall asleep to the quite roar of the god
I'm never going home I'm going to live right here in the water on the sand watching stars
until my bones and my soul heal