Sunday, October 2, 2016

I do get up to normal things too

(I like pictures)
Life is pretty quiet here. One fun thing that has been going on is that my daughter is starting an online business. It is so much fun for her and she's been lit like a rocket coming up with innovative ideas for it. It's been a laugh a minute around here, every day another round. Sooo good to laugh! I can't say what it is for several reasons but it will definitely draw a unique audience.  And in the meantime, she has been playing with stick on tattoo's....  
She put the tape on so that they wouldn't bleed and then....varnished them so they wouldn't wear off, I expect her to have kidney failure within a week....remember this is the girl that told the prospective employer that she was a      bee keeper!

I had my last hurrah at the park a couple of weeks ago. It's a park with a trail that winds around a man made lake in which you can fish. I lament the lose of my beautiful wooden fishing pole when we moved. I'm gonna' lament many of those things for an obnoxiously long time. It's usually got quite a few walkers, but then I got the bright idea to go across to the children's park which is oddly often empty (where have all the children gone?)  There is a big expanse of grassy slope there and it is so quiet, it's perfect for reading and has the requisite shade to do so.

Ahhh, shade. 
I always bring an extra book, just in case the first is boring.

I'm pretty sure you can't see it, but those two little girls are carrying a crossbow and they were both so focused and excited like only the young can be.  I'm not sure whether to be appalled or cheer them on. Blow these up and you might be able to see it, I'm just trying to conserve space here.

I wish I knew the trick to get pictures side by side on blogger, but I don't think there is a way.

My geranium did a gobsmackingly beautiful job (2 little 4" starts!) I've put my wellies there to give you an idea of the size. I grow them every year to remember my Grandmother. She always planted a long row of them in front of the farm house, gorgeous.
I've been working on another shell sculpture. It's a smaller, and because of it's size, not so elaborate version of the first one I did, in the post..."I did it again..whoa" back in April. ( I have no bloody idea how to do those link things...sigh.
I don't know the name of it yet...something about guardians. There are three birds looking right at the baby, maybe to protect it?  Inspired by "Madonna with goldfinch" (Canon Van der Paele) by Jan Van Eyck. Sounds very pretentious but I love that painting.

Also been reading my fair share... these go back to the library tomorrow....the others, I have shamelessly renewed too many times for various reasons.  I have been having so much fun reading Alice Kahn. She writes hysterically about bits and pieces of life in the 50's up to the 90's. Kind of in the style of Nora Ephron (bless her heart). I mean a laugh out-loud-in-a-coffee-shop kind of way. God knows I need a little humor.
I got a little crazy at the second hand store and bought these. (two of them so you can put them on either side of the front door)  They were about 5x's (maybe 6! maybe more!) cheaper than my daughter and I thought they were going to be, so we acted like it was perfectly normal and paid and ran for the hills. They are so unusually large that I think they might have been temple dogs?) I still can't believe I have them. Fu Dogs are protectors and god knows I need that too.
And then there's my girlfriend, Marley.
We always have a great time together. We analyze and hypothesize and bitch and laugh at the absurdity of almost everything and try to figure it all out, an endless pursuit, and then pray to Quan Yin to make us better people, and then eat like pigs, well, she does. And then we take naps and wake up and do it all over again.
Oh, and there was some dancing and listening to Edith Piaf and that group, Dangerous singing "The sounds of Silence" that Birdie posted...Love you, Birdie, thank you. And I've been going back to the Beatles recently...I need life to be simple sometimes. Sometimes? God, I need it to be simple everyday, and it is, and it isn't.

Whew!! Enough already!
Take good care, Liv

Oh, PS:  I have been sick with a cold and a sinus infection and then another one since July 15th. I know, Guinness Book of World Records! Antibiotics and nose spray and thinking I am going to die. It's way better now, but, shit! it's still not over. Am I a bad person?? What happened here?  Anyway, that's it...I'm normal.
Well, almost normal. I didn't mention anything about trump-butt.