Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nasty? What? Who?

I don't post enough. Somehow I have it in my head that I should only post when I have something of significance to write. And I usually don't.  It's a blatant fact that I never post on Facebook.  I'm computer dyslexic so I can never figure out how to do that "share" thing, plus I don't hardly ever read the news, and I'm not able to find those inspiring one liners that brighten people's days, and I'm not out there trolling for wise women and all the, well, wisdom that they have for us.  But I am immensely grateful that others do. It's one amazing thing after another and I think it all makes me a better, smarter and certainly less complacent woman.  I say with all sincerity, thank you! I really look forward to what you take the time to bring to the table.

(I was going to mention my inability to determine when to make a paragraph, but I really don't give a shit, so I won't bother. I have my own little world of punctuation and grammar that I am sure you mildly enjoy at this point.)

So here's one thing that I am having a bit of trouble with and this may be a totally fucked up post, of no significance at all except to expose my own lack of "smarts", but better to be out front than thrashing around trying to make sense of it all.

What the fuck is a nasty woman?  Of course I know it came from Trumpbutt, and that anything that comes out of his mouth is nasty, but that's not what we're talking about here.   It's going around so much now and getting posted on BaceFook with those "share" things and women are writing prose and poetry, and pissed off, zealous and impassioned articles and I keep sitting here like a dunce saying to myself  'What? What's a nasty woman? Am I one? I think I should be one. I might be one. How do you become one?'

Is it like that thing that used to go around "You are such a bitch. Damn right buddy and glad to be one."? I love that. Because I sure as hell can be one, ask anybody who doesn't like me. Is a bitch the same thing as a nasty woman?  I was standing in line at Ross the other day, love Ross - you wouldn't believe some of the things I've found there - and there was one checker on with a line of 8 people quietly waiting as if this was the thing to do. Sheep, I don't have time anymore to be a sheep, I'm getting old!  Obviously I was in that line. Two guys standing about 10' away from another check out counter, talking like they were at lunch and slowly moving one piece of clothing from one spot on the rack to another.     And one of them, good gawd, was the security guy.  Lucky you over there sticking a King sized set of sheets down your pants!      "HEY, can you two see what's going on here? You need to get up here and help check out! Can't you see this line of  8 people waiting?!".... That might make me a nasty woman, right?  I love to do that shit. I do it a whole lot more lately than I ever did  before. I've had enough, in my long life, to waste any more of it not saying the thing I want to say when someone is being a jerk. Don't think for a minute that I won't say something if you are fucking up your child's life right in front of me.  I'm kind though when doing this, there are some situations where you gotta put it out there but it's best to do it gentle and present, if you know what I mean.  I send back food now if it's shitty or cold or somebodies just slapped it together and still want's all my dollars.  Does that make me a nasty woman?   I always thank the person who holds the door open for me after they have gone out and I do the same, only now I say "your welcome" if they don't at least say thanks.  I think that makes me a nasty woman - but maybe of another sort?

I don't have a job so at least I don't have to put up with all the shit that women have to put up with there. It was terrible when I did have one so god I hope it's gotten better. And I don't date so I don't have to wade through that whole scene because believe me, I am no good at being demure anymore, or giving you the whole night, when I, too, have something to say.  In a lot of situations lately I find myself saying "No, you/I will not do that!" Like if someone tells me that I am going to have to wait over there in the corner while it's plain to see that the person I am waiting for is checking their email...or whatever.  That's pretty nasty, good nasty, bad nasty?  I'm definitely going with good nasty on that one !!  But I'm so confused!  Oh yes, and I do sometimes, late at night watch naughty videos - not porn! -, so could that possibly be a nasty woman?  I hope not! But I really don't care on that one....I live alone for gods sake. ( I also watch cooking shows, how to vids, Kung Fu movies and my favorite 3 short people in the whole wide world, Daehan, Minguk and Manse. So I'm not all bad.)

And maybe I'm just not getting this whole thing at all, maybe I'm just mean or god forbid vapid!  So could someone please just put the damn definition up so that I can figure out if I am one or if I've still got a ways to go.

PS:  I do know one thing for sure - I'm voting for Hillary (and I would 10 times if I could) so I'm certainly a nasty woman in Trumps eye  and I definitely like that kind of nasty!

PSS:  I know I can be a bit mean, or let's call it, no frills direct, and I'm trying to tone it down....a little. I try to be diplomatic with my "meanness". I don't like hurting peoples feelings because I don't like mine hurt. But I've noticed sometimes, that being gentle doesn't impact and the bad behavior just get passed on to the next person.  So I guess I've still got a ways to go, practice makes perfect - nasty.